Benina Hu (°1997, BE) is visual artist and photographer based in Leuven. 

Born and raised in Belgium to Chinese parents, Benina has always been drawn to both the eastern and western culture. In her documentary work she’s known to incorporate text in a rather hands-on manner and by cutting, pasting and writing on her own photographs.
Besides her interests in environmentalism and social issues, other themes she touches upon are Chinese culture, identity and family. Since every project asks for a different approach, Benina likes to challenge herself by using multiple mediums such as photography, video and text. 

2020 – 2022         School of Arts / KASK, MFA Visual arts, Ghent (BE)
2017 – 2020         School of Arts / KASK, BA Visual arts, Ghent (BE)

2022                    Graduation expo School of Arst / KASK Gent (BE)     
2020                    Group exhibition, Opus One ’20, Permeke library, Antwerp (BE)
2020                    Group exhibition, 2020 Vision, De Ontsteking, Ghent (BE)

2021                     Urbanautica Annual Institute Awards 2020 (link)
2020                     Opus One ’20, open call for best Belgian graduation projects, Breedbeeld vzw (BE)
2020                     Pitch your photo project #21, De Donkere Kamer, first prize (BE)

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