Tunneltaal (2021), a collaborative project with Manon Lambeens.

In 2021, graphic designer Manon Lambeens graduated with her project ‘The Social Game’. Manon and I attended the same university and it is here where we met each other and got to know each other’s work for the first time. Since the both of us live in the same village and her urban project ‘Tunneltaal’ (which was part of het graduation project ‘The Social Game’) was located just a few hundred meters from both our homes, it was only natural for us to start a collaboration.

‘Tunneltaal’ is an urban space project that wanted to reimagine a frequently used, yet dilapidated space in Wezemaal, Rotselaar. This space, a bicycle tunnel right behind the Montfort Institute, is a central place for students and inhabitants living in its surrounding suburbs. It is place many people traverse both during day and night and Manon wondered if it would be possible to make this place a more amiable and safer place. One of the leading questions were: ‘How can we find creative solutions for street lighting?’ 

Not only is ‘Tunneltaal’ a project aimed to make our environment safer, it is also aimed to connect people and communities during difficult times. In a time where social distancing has become the norm, ‘Tunneltaal’ was a place that illuminated our dark nights and connected us with each other.

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