The jungle we call our creative minds

Even though I call myself a ‘photographer and visual artist’, I have been craving to venture outside of this label and explore different methods of expression. Be it personal writing, music, video or photography, in this blog there are no boundaries.
Here I will be sharing snippets of projects I’m currently working on. I’ll also be sharing some thoughts from my personal perspective as an ‘artist’ trying to make sense of the world.

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What feels right for you

Walking down the hallway, black leather boots clacking. It feels kinda weird to wear these for the first time in university, I think while a student approaches me with a question. Every Tuesday evening, I’ve been working at my university as a supervisor and assisting students when needed. This evening it was exceptionally busy since all students were trying to print their photographs before Christmas holidays.  “Could you help me out with my photograph please?” The girl asks. She’s a first year student, I was a bit confused about her …

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Making an ambient soundscape

As you might know, I am currently doing an internship at a local photo book store in Brussels, called Tipi Bookshop. Yesterday, Andrea, the shop owner, asked me to make a book trailer for an upcoming book launch and since he knew I was into music, he asked me to create an original soundtrack as well. The book is called Allfather by photographer Sébastien Van Malleghem. The deadline was tight and in the end I was able to create the soundscape and finish editing the video in just one day. …

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Photo books that peaked my interest today

‘Kamiki no oto’ by Hara Yoshiichi Just like the 1st Century Roman gourmand Apicius said “We eat first with our eyes“. My first impression of Yoshiichi Hara’s Kamiki no oto was one of fascination. A large, hard cover book with a plain sleeve. Once you open it, a beautiful cover greets you. Its size and paper choice make it clear that a lot of care has gone into its production. Together with an introduction that cites a quote from Genesis, my expectations were set high. However, when initially flicking through …

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I tried to write my own song

As a person who likes to make stuff, sharing little creations like these can be a bit scary sometimes. I don’t think I’m a good songwriter, singer or even guitarist. Am I thinking like this because I’m measuring myself to unrealistically high standards? Or do the voices in my head speak some kind of truth? Whatever the answer is, I wanted to give it a try nonetheless. With the extra motivation of a friend, I was able to overcome the doubts and pick up my guitar. I started playing around …

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reaching for dawn elliott verdier

“Reaching for Dawn” by Elliott Verdier – a gripping story on the true cost of violence

For this blog post I wanted to share a photo book I discovered while doing my internship at a local photo book shop in Brussels called Tipi Bookshop. “Reaching for Dawn” is a work by French photographer Elliott Verdier and is a startling, yet exceptionally compassionate perspective on the Liberian Civil War (1989 – 2003). Even though the war has ended nearly two decades ago and no traces of it seem to remain, Liberia’s struggles have never truly ended. “Reaching for Dawn” is a poignant statement on the silence that …

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lost cause billie eilish

My version of “Lost Cause” by Billie Eilish

A while ago I posted another cover on my YouTube channel. This time I covered the song Lost Cause by Billie Eillish. It’s the first time for me to cover a song using my electric guitar and it was quite fun! Even though it might not be the ‘perfect’ cover, I was happy enough with this take.

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