Learning how to sing

A while ago I posted another cover on my YouTube channel. This time I covered the song Lost Cause by Billie Eillish. It’s the first time for me to cover a song using my electric guitar and it was quite fun! Even though it might not be the ‘perfect’ cover, I was happy enough with …

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So, last week I borrowed a beamer from my university and had the idea of trying something new for my next cover. The song is called Piledriver Waltz by Alex Turner and was part of the soundtrack album of the film Submarine (2010).

Did all amazing singers just pop out of their mother’s wombs blessed with a set of amazing vocal cords? Is born talent the sole determent factor that decides whether you can sing? If you ask google ‘can anyone learn to sing?’, it will say that anyone can learn this skill. Of course, there are exceptions. …

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